Bowlingual Dog

Bowligual – the first product developed through a systematic analysis of the emotional state of animals. It is based on research and development of Japanese science lab and the Japanese audio acoustic laboratory. Technology, which form the basis Bowligual enables voice translator (interpreter) to analyze the voice of a dog (barking) in real time, conduct a rapid assessment and output data in the form of images and text. It is based on results of voice analysis in 2000 of options barking dogs, 50 breeds and a large number of mixed variants. Function: Voice recording your dog is due to the microphone – a transmitter that is attached to the collar, a dog and a Real-time sends you to the manual console information for analysis. Real-time is analyzed and all of the text and animated images.

Behavior analysis. Analysis of the behavior of your dog – deeds of the search, not the perception of verbal commands. Provides a better understanding of the feelings of your dog. Data analysis. Interpret for you sense your dog. Assistance in training and coaching. Provides helpful tips and suggestions in during training. Medical certificate.

Provides a list of questions and answers to help in a brief assessment of physical condition to control and improve it. BowLingual – using the voice of your dog (barking) identifies six basic emotions and feelings at the moment. 1. Happy Happy, happy I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm excited. I'm ready to play. I'm ready to play. I 'love you! I love you! Great Let's go! Come on! I'm on top the world. I am the happiest in the world. 2. Assertive / Showing off statement, defending their rights. Look at me! Look at me! I want to help you! I I want to help you! Show me wore! Show me! I feel great! I feel a great feeling! I'm ok – How are you? I'm okay, how are you doing? 3. Sad sad, sad. I miss you. I miss you. I feel sad. I'm sad. Remember me! Remember me! Please don't for get me! Please do not do anything to me. Leave me alone, please! Please take me out of here! Please take me away from here! 4. Frustrated. Upset. This is too much! That's too much! I want some fun! I want to make me smile! Please play with me! Please play with me! Please be quiet! Please be quiet! Please listen to me. Please poclushay me. 5. On – guard / Territorial. On watchman. Protected area. Angry. Angry, angry. You can't beat me! You can not defeat me! I don't like it. I do not like it. Leave me alone. Leave me alone. That's bad! It's bad (bad)! Just try it! Now try to do it. 6. Needy. Needs than that. Requires something else. Please play with me some wore! Please play with me some time! Spend more time with me. Has given me more time. We need some quality time together. We need to spend quality time together. I need a friend. I need a friend. 'Give her four-footed friend with a maximum of understanding and love! "