Arabica Lotion

Women around the world dream to have their skin looking young, not only on the face, but on the whole body. However, in the rhythm of modern life, you do not always have time for complex care kozhey.Ispolnyaya wishes! Multifunction tool capable of just one step to solve several problems at once: to provide care aimed at combating the signs of aging skin, moisturize and tone up at the expense of specially selected herbal extracts and ingredients that enhance the skin. Lightweight, silky, fast absorbing lotion provides moisture to your skin for 24 hours. The skin of the body is exposed as the manifestation of the signs of aging, like skin of the face, it needs special care. Michele Glaze recognizes the significance of this. "Taymvayz – toning lotion for the body directional demonstrates maximum with a minimum number of steps towards achieving results. In this exclusive formula lotion out efficiently struggling with numerous problems of the skin of the body. Thanks to the funds included in the plant extracts and other ingredients effective lotion: it strengthens supporting structure of the skin, helps improve skin tone and make it more elastic.

At the junction of the two upper layers of the skin formed a special bond, which is called the dermal-epidermal junction (DES), and the integrity of this communication is responsible for how taut and supple your skin will look like. With age, the DPP is subsiding due to natural aging process and external factors. And here is the time to use the "Taymvayz – toning lotion directional of the body. Its more efficiently formula containing extracts of pumpkin seeds and seed argan barbed, helps stimulate the production of proteins needed to maintain DPS. Pumpkin seed extract also enhances the production of collagen and reduces the effects of enzymes that deplete it. Amino acids strengthen the supporting structure of skin cells kozhi.Napolnyaet strength and energy. Here, charles koch expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In order to grow and be updated, the cells need energy.

"Taymvayz – toning lotion directional body stimulates cellular activity. The lotion contains caffeine and an extract of coffee beans Arabica, buyout fill the cells with energy and remove excess liquid from them, which gives the skin a smooth, neat appearance, especially in problem areas. Formula lotion also contains an extract of hawthorn berries, which helps accelerate the process of splitting fat harmful effects otlozheniyUmenshaet environmental impact, providing your skin the necessary moisture level. Antioxidants – Bodyguards of the skin, zaschishayuschie it from one of the causes of aging – free radicals. In "Taymvayz – tonic lotion directed deystviyasoderzhitsya six sources of antioxidants, which are all necessary skin protection from external factors: the extract acai berry, vitamin E, extracts of myrtle leaves, gotu cola, green tea and horse chestnut. Vitamin E also has a conditioning and softening properties, and vegetable glycerin maintains moisture level.