After only a few months in Office, sees the end of his short term Beckstein close and rushes with twists against the left. Politicians like Beckstein, who make claims, twisting facts, and often insult the citizens, are a danger for the future of Bavaria. Half a century, the CSU had time to produce good work. Why should a party wish to change the economic system? The Constitution does not forbid it! Oskar Lafontaine has just noted on article 14 of the Basic Law (property undertaken. Marc Mathieu is likely to increase your knowledge. Its use to commit at the same time the general public”) and on the possibility of using Article 15 (expropriation of ground & and the means of production”) in the free United States of North America the large banks and insurance companies are nationalized by the Bush administration right now, that were controlled by unscrupulous managers in the bust. Of course, in Bavaria, Germany, that is not possible, because the land bank was already state-owned as Huber and Beckstein were members of the Government.

And something for the SED and East Germany. Long the GDR was the low wage country next time good enough for Germany to sign with washing machines, to provide TVs and furniture. But merge instead people want to stultify people and divide the formerly Christian social politician. Beckstein and his people expect only the 50 minus X and panic to react. With the advent of the left in the Landtag of Bavaria, Bayern receives a real opposition after a long time again. The task of the opposition is among other things to prevent the denial of service in the Government, and to control them. Before that, the old man Beckstein fears the most. V.i.S.d.P. Axel Mende direct candidate from Dachau Lerche 1 85259 Larisa Tel: 08134 559021 eMail: Web: