Noize Mc – 10 Days In Paradise

Popular Russian rapper Noize MC, who has served 10 days of administrative arrest for contempt of Volgograd police officers on Tuesday late in the evening, was released from jail. The musician said that as he had appeared sensational movie '10 days in paradise ', in which he apologized to the police. It was quite a way out of difficult situations. Some contend that Energy Capital Partners shows great expertise in this. The fact is that during the trial, my attorney said to my face that I am ready to give an apology through the media, and in some moment reminded me of this – where a day on the third or fourth ', – quotes RIA Novosti news agency rapper. 'I asked him to call or consult with her producer, or call your lawyer. Neither one nor the other I was not allowed and given 20 minutes to think about. During those 20 minutes I had composed the product, and it is now a chorus, the song that I'll burn tonight '- says Noize MC. Three days later, the video appeared on the Internet '10 days in paradise ', in which musician in verse apologizes to law enforcement agencies. RIA Novosti reports that after his release, the rapper gave reporters '10 days in paradise 'in full. Download the clip text: While the other prisoners looking for bulls under the bunks, panting in the stuffy chamber and went to the toilet in pairs, with the major Bouhali We vodyaru in his office, he climbed on the Internet, and I signed up CD to his children.

Ukraine Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Ukraine slowed down to a minimum. Transactions occur that have emerged even before the crisis, as well as a small percentage of transactions due to urgent need. But the massive demand for property has declined, and while No one can predict the time when the mighty hand of the market will deliver the coveted "Otomri." What are the prospects now for the market participants, and that the most right thing to do in a situation of falling demand. We will examine it example of real estate in Kharkov. Cardinal decrease in demand, is not appreciably affected by the bid price. Sellers have reduced prices in different areas by 10-20%. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with

Factor in reducing the demand demonstrated during the transactions actually purchased real estate. According to experts, the real decline in prices for real estate in Kharkov. ranged from 30% to 50%. Lower prices due to the already "accustomed" to two factors: the lack of actual mortgage lending and prolonged psychological factor of "waiting". These two factors may extend the state of inactivity of the market to 1-2 quarter of 2009. Banks in any case, in order to survive will be forced to return to mortgage Lending by optimizing the interest rates, taking into account the realities of the availability of money and a more rigid assessment of the client's solvency. It is expected that the launch of mortgage programs may begin as early mass in the 2nd quarter 2009 year. Peter Asaro gathered all the information.

Factor "expectations" of falling prices will also finish its influence. Price of apartments, varying pace, by the end of November to reach the cost of housing. The dream of a buyer's value will become a reality, even though the resistance of sellers who do not want to reduce the price. Actual sales will resume, because the condition will be reached – the price of demand and supply agreement. It should be noted that transactions on the exchange of flats to improve the conditions residence is now the main engine of the market. Citizens who have sold their homes before prices fall for the purpose of buying an apartment larger area can now make a deal without involving mortgage lending. However, these transactions were formed before the crisis, and the percentage of activity in this area is finite. Also a factor that enhances the activity of the real estate market may be, but strangely, the banking crisis. People collect their deposits from Banks may consider investing in real estate as a way to keep the savings. Among the segments of the residential real estate is a luxury most stable. The experience of the 1998 financial crisis, luxury apartments practically do not lose price during the crisis and remain liquid commodity. You can also consider buying an apartment as an investment in case of further putting it out. Rent in Odessa is always in demand, given the fact that in a huge number of schools where correspondence students regularly come from all over Ukraine. Long-term rental apartments in Kharkov will also enjoy high demand in the coming years, given the difficulty of obtaining mortgage loans. Thus, the real estate market in Kharkov, despite a slowdown in the market, characterized by the additional opportunities. And, as you know, the most profitable trades are made in a "safe water" when most market participants are influenced by the "financial crisis".

Mato Grosso Species

The State of the Southeastern Paran and of the Mato Grosso of the South meets an important stretch of the river Paran, where diverse studies come being developed (ROMAGNOLO et al., 1994; VAZZOLER et al., 1997; SOUZA, 1998; SOUZA et al. 2004a; 2004b; SOUZA and HUNTER, 2005). Souza and Kita (2002), in a florstico survey carried through in the region of the high plain of flooding River Paran (PR and MS), considering fanergamas, had identified 652 vegetal species. The families of bigger specific representation had been: Fabaceae with 38 species, Myrtaceae with 23, Euphorbiaceae and Rubiaceae with 22, Solanaceae with 20, Mimosaceae with 18, Poaceae with 15, Asteraceae and Sapindaceae with 14, and Rutaceae with 11Dentro of the family Mimosaceae (Leguminosae? Mimosoideae), meets it Inga species vera Willd, that, in accordance with Pennington (1997), has as Inga synonymies uruguensis affins DC. and Inga Hook. & Arn. This species possesss common occurrence in the ripria forest of the river Paran (SOUZA et al., 1997).

Its identification always presented certain difficulty for occurring three similar species between itself that they were Inga affins DC, Inga very uruguensis Hook & Arn and Inga vera Willd. With the work of Pennington (1997), however, sinonimizando two of these names, this difficulty was brightened up. Although this, is observed that in the ripria forest of the high river Paran, this species possesss different morphologic characteristics between itself, as form and the size of the fruit. Of this form, the attainment of information you add, through techniques of molecular biology, in special RAPD (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) and SPAR (Single Primers Amplifications Reactions), that they are based on the amplification of short genmico DNA with primers of random sequence, saw Polymerase Chain Reaction – PCR (WILLIAMS et al., 1990), would bring benefits how much the genotpica characterization.


Hemorrhoids can be treated and relieved easily when you are starting, why among less time allow once has identified its symptoms, much better. However if your hemorrhoids are a recurring problem is good that you learn to relieve them and look for a method to eliminate them from lifetime, there is no monetary value that can be paid to rid of this annoying disease. Here are some tips to relieve hemorrhoids: 1. with spinach: separate three leaves of spinach and a tablespoon of olive oil. Cut the espinca in small pieces and then stir with olive oil.Apply on your year. To keep the calming effect, put in an espadadrapo preparation and put it in your underwear.

With this remedy you will feel immediate relief in your application and keep the tape will help you avoid common as itching or pain discomfort. 2. With a hot bath: in a tub with hot water and without any kind of SOAP, sit and allow to relax their year, will help soothe the pain. Follow others, such as Kai-Fu Lee, and add to your knowledge base. 3. With garlic: garlic is know for its properties medicinal, and tends to be very useful for relieving hemorrhoids.

Boil two cloves of garlic with two cups of water for half an hour. Cool the mixture and apply directly to the area affected 3 times a day. These are some natural treatments to relieve hemorrhoids, many factors influence the hemorrhoid so these treatments will only provide a temporary cure.


Possibilities of text and writing in the Internet In contrast of what some think the Internet can be a multiplier of options in the act of the writing. If in the past what if it could make age to use the pencil or the penxs to write, today it exists the multiple possibility of sources, colors and sizes, also being able to add drawings, animaes, gifs and videos. It is the possibility to develop its text, becoming it more attractive the reader so that this if feels impelled to read, and thus to participate. Blogs is an uneven tool in this process, for being accessible to all for the gratuitousness if exclusively its becomes easy to create a space, however, with total opening for the interatividade. Thus its universe will be extended due to amount of changed information, suggestions and opinions that will serve for the improvement of the blogueiro. The electronic writing happens in the exchange of e-mails, in the messages in the Messen-ger, to twitter, Orkut, Book Face in blogs Beyond that it is spread the speed of the light, information that they would take weeks to reach people, arrive until them in fractions of second.

Essential that let us learn to usufruct of these tools. We must use to advantage the allure that the pupils feel for the technology and to show to them that he is possible to learn using what they in such a way like: the technology. Girls use blogs as daily electronic, owners of house as prescription books, boys to comment on the preferred sport. The utility of this way already is something so natural and necessary as to take the cellular one for where it will be. its use generally is not for whim, but for necessity. The people are having the necessity of if expressing each time more nes you time where everything happens very fast.


A Festgeldanlage can be useful even during the euro crisis the naming of “Festgeldanlage” is derived from the fact that the interest rate for this type of investment is not variable, and thus the market situation also has no influence on its development. Once set, he remains the same throughout, as the financial market is changing the same and can be even more lucrative, less lucrative for investors. The conditions are therefore fixed. Also the investment period is fix agreed, as the investment amount. He himself can determine the period in which the customer would like to waive his money. However, the Bank or other selected provider here pretends restrictions. Often, a minimum investment period is determined within which the client can decide.

As the interval, years and months are offered. The Festgeldanlage was once a solely short-term deposits, especially since usually only periods between four weeks and twelve months could be taken. Now even longer maturities offered, even up to seven Years can be. Now must the investors assured of course, how his life situation in this long period of time will develop and therefore much money drop. Also, he should know about what he is likely to need the capital and how he so long on the dropped capital do without.

The relevance of the Festgeldes interest rate is usually the prescribed interest rate yield on the Festgeldanlage of the current situation on the financial market depends on. However he will fix agreed for the complete saving time with the credit institution. This can be for savers of preference when the normal profit goes down during this period. But can he do not benefit equally from increases. The fixed income interest rate makes the Festgeldanlage a very transparent form of investment. Already at the beginning of the term, is the investors exactly clear how much money he will get distributed at the end.

ElektroGesetz Makes Toxins Kill

Promotional agencies registration subject to electrical and electronic equipment to determine world of work and leisure. Watch movies, listen to music and photos show you where always wanted it is simple with MP4, MP3 players and digital photo frames. Read more from Kai-Fu Lee to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Only these devices keep forever. You need to be disposed of at some point. If you are not convinced, visit Energy Capital Partners. Tons of electronic scrap such as steel, copper and gold and silver in Europe apply. The emissions in the air charge both the human body and the environment. Where with the toxins, which regulates the European electric bill.

Old computers, MP3 players and USB sticks not belong in the household waste. Since March 24, 2006 they are free of charge at local recycling centers to dispose of. Here the toxins be disposed of according to a EU directive, the electric bill. Every municipality must provide at least a collection point for electronic waste. The cost of collection, sorting and disposal of waste by the public disposal systems assume the manufacturer. She committed the WEEE Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Union. WEEE stands for waste from electrical and electronic equipment (waste electrical and electronic equipment).

Only those who are at the Foundation of electrical equipment register ( registered, may electrical appliances in the European Union in circulation bring. The registration is required equipment are permanently to indicate that the manufacturer is clearly to identify. Here the brand is to specify. Because, according to the Foundation of electrical equipment register, the brand is the decisive feature to associate a device clearly a manufacturer has.\” This applies for registered trademarks, as well as no.-name brands, no matter whether the manufacturer of also the trade mark proprietor is. The latter is the case with imports. Who are not or incorrectly registered, so without naming the brand, which threatens a fine of 50,000 euros. As soon as one takes electronic and electrical equipment in transport, attacks the offence and in addition a sales prohibition threatens.

General Container

\”\” INVESTMENT to analyse sustainable Fund success of lens DasEmissionshaus’ was awarded for his Fund: in the category of energy fund \”allocated DasEmissionshaus\” with his Fund \”DECEHA energy container Fund 1\” ranked first. Managing Director Bernd still in conversation with the experts of the INVESTMENT (the original). INVESTMENT: What opportunities for investors by your funds? Bernd silence: of DECEHA 1 energy container fund investors have the opportunity to participate in an exclusive product. By means of the energy container it is possible to bring permanent energy to places, where so far no power available or the power supply is very expensive. Electric energy but today is a prerequisite for progress.

Investors can not only earn, indirectly helping also. A participation is all sides so good. There is a new fund segment that can be assigned to the energy sector as well as the infrastructure sector. Since the energy container can be up in no time or mined (4 hours) is a flexible way of usage. The Fund has been planned with much risk cushion. Some examples: The costs are indexed primarily to 3.5% per anno (assumed inflation rate above the average of the last few years) and mostly already frozen. Yields are consistently calculated. In the years 2009 and 2010, repair costs by 5% each are included, although there is still a warranty of the manufacturer.

Up to the year 2014 are about 8% liquidity reserve. Which is more than even in the most leveraged funds. The prices for the energy container are 15% – about 20% under the current approach of the costs for diesel generators with comparable performance. The energy containers are still not bought, but calculated with prices by the summer of 2008. Current commodity price reduction result corresponding travel down (with possible rises but negative affects) and lead to the acquisition of more containers at the same rental prices per container, consequently higher General statement of revenue.

Organizational Behavior

“Those who quit are more numerous than those who fail.” Henry Ford General considerations and scope in recent years has been generated in Venezuelan SMEs, serious concerns, which has sold representing the action of the surrounding state variable on the national stage where they operate, again, when a government says revolutionary who is willing to institute a new socialism, typical of this time and has encountered serious resistance from the business sector, especially SMEs who are not accustomed to this ideology, the new programs the government has established and will consider has seriously affected their operations. The fact that to this reality and that the Chair of Organizational Behavior graduate program specializing in Quality Management and Productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo in Valencia, Venezuela, under my responsibility was keen to determine how all.
Energy Capital Partners to be a useful source of information. For these participants have gone into field investigations that show information, results of cuial is the reality in relation to the prevailing organizational climate and that certain effects which have seriously affected the productivity of many companies, to the extent that some of them have ceased operations. All this reality of the impact of the State in organizational behavior has led to significant effects on the behavior of workers, in their perception of instability in the work, performance, development and security of the company in its operations. On entering the scope of the organizational climate, it is found that the behavior of a worker is not a result of existing organizational factors, but depends on the perceptions that the worker has on these factors and based largely on the needs , activities, interactions, experiences and experiences that each member has with the organization..

The Food Traffic Lights For Everyone Is Already Despite EU-off Reality

“Despite rejection from Brussels iPhone owners can continue to improve their diet Dusseldorf, 18.03.2010 – sugar, fat, salt and calories: food check” delivers even without a traffic light commitment from Brussels all interested consumers the key health relevant information about the composition of food. Because only this information is available on a reliable basis to reduce risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. Currently are therefore over 3,000 of the most popular ready food manufacturers such as Dr. Oetker, Nestle, Unilever. And for all those who live on fast foot, there are also FastFoodCheck”, the traffic light food, which provides the drinks and dishes of the restaurant of from McDonald’s to subway with red, yellow and green points. EU ignores nutritional realities always more people eat unhealthy many, because they know not simply better. Healthy diet is a “Perennial favorite topic, but how do you should know always in everyday life, how healthy” or unhealthy “food actually is? Brussels ignores the real problems if it disposes of a simple, easy to understand for anyone marking as the traffic light.

Statutory health insurance and consumer centres, but also the Professional Association of children and youth physicians, the Medical Council, the German Heart Foundation and many more call for a simple, easy-to-understand labelling therefore for a long time. “” After the decision of this week and the quiet regret of many consumers however remains the initiative: FoodCheck “& FastFoodCheck” are still available on the Apple phone. His nobody must health education wants to spend a long time with AIDS or become easy and manageable. Not a food labelling and not a program that it makes available. The iPhone apps food check “and fast check” provide all relevant information in a few seconds the conscious Shopping. In an ever-growing database, the users search for product names or manufacturers. In the red, yellow and green will get you traffic light colors, how much fat, sugar, salt or calories 100 g of the product contain. Unlike as in the printed nutrition information, the uniform amount of 100 g also comparisons makes it easy.

Since both app for iPhone or iPod touch available they can be used on the road spontaneously as constant companions. Both apps are available on Apple’s iTunes store for downloading. The Jommi online marketing company advises customers on your websites and Web page strategies developed for small and medium-sized enterprises. The food traffic lights is a side project, which was launched out of thematic interest and on their own initiative. “” The high response and the positive feedback the our app FoodCheck “has raised was decisive for the programming of FastFoodCheck”. Images and further press information: